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“Crichton’s final experience. ”—San Francisco Chronicle “Pirates Latitudes has the loot: Gore, intercourse, action…. A lusty, rollicking seventeenth century experience. ”—USA Today “Riveting…. nice entertainment…. The pages and mins fly by means of. ”—Cleveland undeniable Dealer #1 ny occasions bestselling writer, the incomparable Michael Crichton (“One of the good storytellers of our age” —Newsday) takes to the excessive Caribbean seas for an impossible to resist event of swashbuckling pirates, misplaced treasure, sword fights, duplicity, and hair-breadth escapes within the New global.

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All living things need energy, no matter what they do. Plants get their energy from sunlight. This energy is stored in different chemicals inside the plant. ” Animals that eat plants take the energy stored in the plants. ” The same happens when animals eat other animals. Plants and animals use energy every day as they grow and do the work of being a plant or an animal. So plants have to keep absorbing sunlight, and animals have to keep eating plants or other animals. It isn’t only living things that have energy.

Re smellin g with an o dor that’s is another gas easy to n mixed wit otice. It’s h the coo king gas people kn so that ow when there’s a leak. 53 Answer: melts = S; turns into a liquid = S, G; keeps shape = S; has no shape or size = G; is frozen = S; has no shape = L, G SE A T GH RCH LI Temperature measures how much a) heat something has. b) chill something has. c) pressure something has. DID YOU It’s b foot etter to KN OW wate to test use yo ? u t r h with . If you e tem r hand p t e y t foot our fo est to rature han yo o-ho u ot, y .

DID YOUer Kthat Mercury was ★ Answer: Being so close to the intense heat and bright light of the Sun makes Mercury hard to study. It’s difficult to look at it and hard to send a probe to it that won’t melt. an unusual K U O Y DID ntists think that s and Some scie f the planets Venu go right Star positionin een the b b e v a h y a e time of Jupiter m rted at th o p re m e of Bethleh st’s birth. Jesus Chri VENUS A Morning and V Evening Star SE A T GH enus is the second planet from the Sun. It is named for the Roman goddess of love and beauty, perhaps because it shines so brightly.

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