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By Z. à esták, J. Čatský (auth.), Z. à esták, J. Čatský (eds.)

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One of many actions of the Ettore Majorana Centre for ,Scientific tradition is the overseas complicated learn classes on medical subject matters that are of specific relevance at the present time. The Centre is found in Erice, a mountain city within the province of Trapani in Sicily. at the present over seventy faculties of the Centre are energetic, preserving annual or biennial classes, in order that approximately 40 classes are prepared every year.

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S. S. 33344 DIAMANTOGLOU, S. 33345 DIAMOND, J. 25853, 30537 OlANO, M. A. W. A. 37303, 39009-10 DICHT, M. E. 25855, 32614 DICKMANN, D. 1. W. L. E. 22229, 25856, 26489, 29301-2, 37304 DIE, J. van see VAN DIE, J. DIECKMANN, C. 27395 DIEPENBROCK, W. 33348 DIERS, L. 24370 DIERSTEIN, R. A. E, Jr. 32509 DIEZ, J. 25675 DIEZI, R. 32932 DIFIORE, D. B. 29303 DIHORU, A. 33349 DIJKMAN, H. P. A. 33350 DilKS, S. K. 22231, 25858-60, 37308 DILLENBURGER, M. 38928 DILLEY, R. A. J. 35063 DiLLON, 10M. 24090 AUTHORS' INDEX / OIL - 000 DILOV, Kh.

39166-7 DIMON, B. 22521, 37312 01 MOV, A. 34443 DINANT, M. 22235, 32411, 39862 DINAR, M. 37313 DINER, B. A. E. 31470, 34690 DINUR, U. 37911 01 PASQUALE, G. see PASQUALE, G. di 01 PIETRO, A. see PIETRO, A. di DIRKS, W. 22237, 35515 01 SEMPIO, C. see SEMPIO, C. di DISKIN, Y. 24063 DISMUKES, C. C. 33355-6, 37546, 37565 DISTLER, E. M. 22238, 24741, 293J1, 33357 DITTO, C. H. 25245-6 DITTO, C. L. 28991, 33024, 36711, 38833 DITTRICH, P. G. R. 33358-9 DIXON, T. 36347 DJAVADI-OHANIANCE, L. 25267 DJELEPOV, K.

A. 227'03, 25337, 258:59, DELAY, C. 21872 33267,33326-8,35951,36765, DELBROCK, M. 25834 37283-4, 39729 DEL CN1PO, F. F. 29272 DEN DRIESSCHE, R. van DEL CARRATORE, G. 31171 see VAN DEN DRIESSCHF, R. DEL C. ~·1. JEN ENGELSEN, D. 22207 DELEENS, E. 22203, 2377]-2, 25835, DENES, G. 29357 29273-4, 37274 DENESH, M. R. R. de DENFORD, 1<. 34792 DENG, Y. 40282 DELEPELAIRE, P. 29275, 33311, 37275 DELEPINE, R. G. A. 22291, 25840, 28236 DE LEY, J. see LEY, J. J. 37286 DELGADO, M. V. P. 30518 DENMAN, K. F. L.

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