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By E. F. Benson

David Blaize is the son of an archdeacon, the good friend of a bishop's nephew, and it is a tale in their friendship and lifestyles at a public university. very likely the story will be comparable to the author's personal adolescence. It tells of cleanliness, actual and ethical, of the self-restraint realized from each other via boys who have been to be one of the destiny leaders in England.

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King and all that are put in authority under him," said Sharpe Major in a shrill treble. " "Next," said the Head, with ominous calm. The dreary tale of failure went on: with that portentous figure sitting in the chair of the innocuous Mr. Button, consecutive thought became impossible, and memory took wings and fled. Boys who had got full marks earlier in the afternoon found themselves unable, when facing this grim mood of the Head's, to repeat their duty towards anything. The ground already covered was taken again, in order to give them a fresh start, and now the Creed itself presented pitfalls and stumblingblocks.

He tells and an absorbing story and he draws the reader into the cultural and social world of Blaize and the public school ethos of education. Unlike some other novels in the genre that are written second hand and irritate by their lack of authenticity, David Blaize is entirely free of such deficiencies. Because it was written a century ago and some of the language and literary references may be unfamiliar, I have annotated the text with references and explanations to assist the reader. Various corrections to errors present in the original printed text have also been made.

An expression of despairing determination had come into Bavid's face. He was conscious also of a large ink-stain on his lips. "Neither, sir," he said. " said the Head. " Bead silence on Bavid's part. " asked the Head. "Yes, sir," said Bavid. "And do you refuse to tell me? " David felt slightly sick, but he had swallowed a good deal of chewed pen-handle. " repeated the Head. "Yes, sir," said David. Then came one of those strange calms in the middle of cyclones, which sometimes puzzled the boys. " Anyhow, for a moment his fierceness faded, and he nodded at David, just as one pal might nod to another in sympathetic assent.

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