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Glossy study on dialects of the Yiddish language focuses mostly upon Western Yiddish and the applying of Yiddish dialectology to the learn of older Yiddish and non-Yiddish monuments. the second one Oxford wintry weather Symposium on Yiddish Language and Literature displays this development and this selection of papers from the convention explores quite a lot of modern study within the box.

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Missionaries, anti-Semites and writers of business manuals had rather more practical goals in mind. A few scholars, whose point of departure was one of the foregoing, developed an intellectual interest in the language per se (cf. Katz, 1986b). On the whole. Christian scholars described features of the local variety of Yiddish with which they were familiar as 'Yiddish' generally, which may or m a y not be the case for any given feature. Almost never did the earliest Christian Yiddish scholars dip into variation internal to Yiddish.

Furthermore, the lexicon of the western communities of the northern dialect (community 10, 14) is very close to the vocabulary of Kurland. The explanation may lie in geographic proximity to each other, and to German speaking communities. We find not only the lexicon but also some phonetic features which these communities share with the communities of Kurland. They are: diphthongization of e>ei (vestl> veistl 'vest'); also ou instead of oi in moul 'mouth', joux 'soup'. As far as the lexicon is concerned, the words that Kurland's Yiddish shares with these conmiunities are all of German origin: langzam 'slowly', lakn ' s h e e t ' , / r o 5 'frog' and Smant 'sweet cream' which also came into Yiddish through the German but is of Slavic origin.

111a; cf. also p . 110b). The Maharil also dipped into medieval Yiddish social dialectology. The question before him was whether the n a m e of the River D a n u b e , in a writ of divorce, should be spelled with the letter vov word-finally (giving Donou or Donau) or with double yud (yielding Donay), Zalmen of St G o a r recalls the Maharil showing him a writ of divorce written in Austria, in which the name of the river had vov. Another, sent from Regensburg to Prague with double yud was sent back to Regensburg with the following query: 'I have seen that the great men of Austria would write Donou, W h a t shall be written on the writ of divorce you have sent m e ?

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