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His mouth gets some attention, being 'such a post-office of a mouth that he had a mechanical appearance of smiling' (CE, 161-2) . But in Walworth, in his suburban castle, Wemmick's straight line ofa mouth turns into a curve, and Pip sees him 'smiling . . with a relish, and not merely mechanically' (195) . The mechanical smile is a mere elongation of the line of the mouth produced by some muscular contraction of the face, and it lacks the good humour of the genuine smile that curves the corners of the mouth upwards.

Patriarchal Casby's major means of lying is his 'shining bald head, which looked so very large because it shone so much; and the long grey hair at its sides and back, . . which looked so very benevolent because it was never cut' (LD , 145-6). He is 'so very bumpy in the head' that painters and sculptors stop him in the street to solicit his services as a model for a patriarch, and philanthropists exclaim, 'Oh! why , with that head, is he not a benefactor to his species! Oh! ' With that head, however, he remained old Christopher Casby, proclaimed by common report rich in house property; and with that head, he now sat in his silent parlour.

The young lady with the black eyes ', as Arabella Allen is called for much of Pickwick Papers, is good and lively , and a suitable match for Winkle. Bright black eyes (not shallow ones , such as Murdstone's) are characteristic ofstrong and devoted characters, allies of the hero or heroine. Susan Nipper, Florence Dombey's servant and only friend, has 'black eyes likejet beads' (DS, 24-5), and Pancks in Little Dorrit, who is also a sympathetic though bristling character, likewise has 'j et black beads of eyes' (LD , 148).

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