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However, one special alloy, mentioned on page 37 contains nickel, manganese and titanium. There are some nickel-containing alloys suitable for permanent mould casting, but these require age hardening after casting. 6% is included. Chromium is harmful in the aluminium—silicon copper alloys because it forms intermetallic compounds such as Al7Cr which causes hard spots; the effect of this element on the tendency to form inclusions is discussed on page page 73. 2%. Die cast engine blocks Cylinder blocks were produced in a pioneering effort by Doehler—Jarvis in the early 1950s.

W. Transactions of the American Institute Mining and Metals Engineers, (7 3) p. 5 81 (1926) 6. ELLIOTT, R. Eutectic solidification. International Metals Reviews No. 219, pp. 161-186 (1977) 7. ELLIOTT, R. Eutectic solidification (in preparation) 8. W. Fundamentals of modification in the aluminium-silicon system. Journal of the Institute of Metals, 92, 367 (1963-64) 9. E. The modification of aluminium-silicon alloys by sodium. Journal of the Institute of Metals, 86,393 (1957-58) 10. ; HELLAWELL, A.

98 kg. It is good policy to select one of the two alloys, persuade customers accordingly and then to concentrate production on that alloy. If in the past both have been used, it is not difficult to transfer to the selected composition, though sometimes a slight runner alteration is required. Usually there is mild opposition from those who contend that better results were obtained from the eliminated alloy, but the concentration on one composition is more economic in many aspects, from metal purchase onwards.

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