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By Machi Zawidzki

This e-book explores the tremendous modular platforms that meet standards: they enable the construction of structurally sound free-form constructions, and they're created from as few different types of modules as attainable. Divided into components, it offers Pipe-Z (PZ) and Truss-Z (TZ) platforms. PZ is extra basic and types spatial mathematical knots by means of assembling one kind of unit (PZM). the form of PZ is managed by way of relative twists of a chain of congruent PZMs. TZ is a skeletal method for growing free-form pedestrian ramps and ramp networks between any variety of terminals in house. TZ constructions are composed of 4 adaptations of a unmarried uncomplicated unit subjected to affine adjustments (mirror mirrored image, rotation and mixture of both).

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