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Long ago 20 years, new experimental techniques, superior versions and development in simulation options introduced new insights into long-standing concerns referring to dislocation-based plasticity in crystalline fabrics. in this interval, third-dimensional dislocation dynamics simulations seemed and reached adulthood. Their ambitions are to solve the relation among person and collective dislocation tactics on the mesoscale, to set up connections with atom-scale reports of dislocation center houses and to bridge, together with modelling, the space among disorder homes and phenomenological continuum versions for plastic stream.

Dislocation dynamics simulations have gotten available to quite a lot of clients. This e-book provides to scholars and researchers in fabrics technological know-how and mechanical engineering a entire insurance of the actual physique of data on which they're dependent. It contains classical stories, that are too frequently missed, contemporary experimental and theoretical advances, in addition to a dialogue of chosen purposes on quite a few subject matters

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3) deal in particular with thermally activated core properties like cross-slip or the overcoming of a strong lattice resistance. They are based on Arrhenius forms, through which temperature is introduced in the simulations. 4). Periodic boundary conditions allow investigating large volumes. For investigating the properties of finite volumes, DD simulations are coupled to finite element (FE) or equivalent codes, which numerically implement the conditions for mechanical equilibrium. DD simulations can be used for studies of elementary dislocation configurations and interactions.

For D I S L O C AT I O N – D I S L O C AT I O N I N T E R AC T I O N S A (a) (b) ] ] 01 [1 _ [110] [0 11 self col [110] C _ 01 ] [1 copl 1) L 1/6[101] 1/6[112]+1/6[121] D ] 11 [0 1/2[011] (11 H H g g 1/6[121] + 1/2[110] 1/6[211] L g copl _ g 37 (111) B F i g. 4. (a) The interactions of a perfect dislocation with Burgers vector ¯ gliding in the shaded (111) slip plane, with other dislocations in along ±[110], the Thompson tetrahedron. There is one self-interaction (self ) and two coplanar interactions (copl).

3b). In both cases, the mutual trapping of attractive dislocations may result in dipole formation. Self- and coplanar interactions in a single slip plane may lead respectively to direct annihilation or to the formation of a fully glissile segment having the third coplanar Burgers vector. The probability of occurrence of such configurations is, however, quite low when dislocations glide but cannot climb. Dipoles and multipoles can be destroyed by resolved stresses exceeding a critical value, the passing stress.

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