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By Gilles Dauvé

Within the years following 1968, a few humans inquisitive about the main radical points of the French basic strike felt the necessity to give some thought to their studies and to narrate them to previous innovative endeavors. This intended learning prior makes an attempt and theories, specifically these of the post-1917 German-Dutch and Italian Communist Left. the unique essays integrated the following have been first written among 1969 and 1972 and circulated among left communist and employee circles.

But France was once no longer the single kingdom the place radicals sought to contextualize their political surroundings and research their very own radical pasts. through the years those 3 essays were released individually in quite a few languages and published as books in either the USA and the united kingdom with few alterations. This 3rd English variation is up to date take into consideration the modern political scenario; half the current quantity is new material.

The e-book argues that disposing of wage-labor, category, the kingdom, and personal estate is important, attainable, and will in basic terms be completed by means of a historic holiday, person who would definitely range from October 1917 ... but it's going to now not be a relaxed, slow, piecemeal evolution both. Like their historic predecessors—Marx, Rosa Luxemburg, Anton Pannekoek, Amadeo Bordiga, Durruti, and Debord—the authors keep a trust in revolution.

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What produces either means of production, or means of livelihood for the proletarian, both accruing the sum of value. As a result, capital takes possession of science and technique: in the productive field, it orients research towards what will 46 Capitalism and CoMmunism minimise labour cost; in the unproductive field, it stimulates management and marketing. Thus mankind tends to be divided into three groups: • productive workers, often physically destroyed by their work, by having their “life-time transformed into working-time,” in the words of American worker Paul Romano in 1947;11 • unproductive workers, the vast majority of whom are only a source of waste; • and the mass of non–wage earners, some of them in “rich” countries or areas, but most of them in less capitalist-developed “poor” countries.

Instead of making management a priority, communism will regard administration as an activity among others.  . This applies to all forms of government. Political freedom is a farce and the worst possible slavery; such a fictitious freedom is the worst enslavement. So is political equality: this is why democracy must be torn to pieces as well as any other form of government. Such a hypocritical form cannot go on.

A physical or mental effort meant to be as productive as possible, not in the interest of the worker, but for the benefit of the one who was putting him to work and profiting from it. It is not technique we are talking about, but social division: class. Work is inseparable from the fact that a group has no other way of subsistence than working for a group who controls the means of production. 3 3) Commodity Up to our time included (so far), with the advance of the efficiency of human organisation and its capacity to associate the components of the labour process, first of all labour power, history has coincided with the difference (and the opposition) between those who work and those who organise work and profit from it.

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