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By Kirsten Appendini, Sven Bislev

The associations of the ecu and NAFTA are severely analysed by means of top American and ecu students. The publication covers either the final difficulties of establishing new and built-in markets, and a number of other coverage parts which are on the topic of financial integration. The associations proven in either Europe and the USA are obvious as poor in numerous respects. with out supplying sufficient replacements, the commercial integration initiatives are literally undermining a few of the middle associations that serve the wishes of the industry economies - associations on which the combination technique itself relies.

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This is not surprising, since IPRs are vital to the new global economy whose core is in knowledge-based industries (bio-technology, computer engineering, software design, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, data processing). The conventional wisdom is that IPRs are 'technical issues' that are better left to the 'experts' to resolve - a misleading, manipulative belief. In reality, IPRs beg complex issues of power: defining what is 'knowledge' or 'innovation'; drawing the line between what should remain in the public domain and what can be commodified and privatized; and deciding who has the right to appropriate the benefits of knowledge and for how long.

We have proposed a simple conceptual taxonomy of integration that focuses attention on the scope and coverage of the integration agreement, the regulatory framework that it imposes, the social actors that shape it, and the power relations that underlie it. NAFTA is an example of deficient institutionality. Its institutional framework addresses narrow economic interests and is not conducive to human sustainable development. Whether one studies its overall impact or concentrates on specific areas of coverage, such as intellectual property rights in this work, or agriculture, North-South relations, labour and social aspects in other works, there is powerful evidence for this conclusion.

Here we further probe how this taxonomy can be applied to critically 'read' the institutional framework of a given agreement: 22 1. NAFTA as Deficient Institutionality Scope and coverage: one can distinguish between areas of focal, marginal and no coverage. Is the coverage of particular areas of activity deep, comprehensive and absent of exceptions? This is the focal area of the agreement. Or, in contrast, is the coverage shallow, partial, restricted, declaratory, exhortatory and full of exceptions?

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