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But should any nation question the colonists’ loyalty to the Crown, Franklin concluded: Know too, ye bad neighbours, who aim to divide The sons from the Mother, that still she’s our Pride; And if ye attack her we’re all of her side, Which nobody can deny deny; Which nobody can deny. The boycott was sustained with some difficulty for almost two years; while patriots were expected to avoid British-made goods, merchants needed the trade in British products to survive. But those merchants—men like Theophilus Lillie, who refused to honor the boycott—were publicly ridiculed and, in a few cases, physically attacked.

It was mutually beneficial: the owner profited from the untaxed portion and the agent received some remuneration for his goodwill. But this time, the customs agent insisted that duty be paid on every bottle aboard the Liberty. The sloop’s captain responded by locking the customs agent Samuel Adams in the brig while the entire cargo was unloaded. The next day the British navy seized the ship. As it was being towed out of Boston Harbor by the fifty-gun warship HMS Romney, a mob gathered on the dock; colonists beat two customs agents badly and vandalized their homes.

We are to look upon it as more beneficial, that many guilty persons should escape unpunished, than one innocent person should suffer. The reason is, because it’s of more importance to community, that innocence should be protected, than it is, that guilt should be punished. … But when innocence itself, is brought to the bar and condemned, especially to die, the subject will exclaim, it is immaterial to me, whether I behave well or ill; for virtue itself, is no security. ” Preston pleaded not guilty and Adams chose not to put him on the stand.

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