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H . Nakano, Progr. Theor. Phys. 15, 77 (1954); 17, 145 (1957). ( 3 Electrodynamic Properties of an Electron Plasma ι. Space-Time Dispersion in Plasma In comparison with the properties of other material media, the electrodynamic properties of a plasma are characterized by a number of peculiarities. In particular, when considering alternating electromagnetic fields in a plasma, it is necessary to take into account not only the time but also the space dispersion. The presence of space-time dispersion means that the induced charges and currents in the plasma at a specific time depend on the values of the fields at all preceding times, and that a nonlocal connection holds between the currents and the fields.

61) and the Kramers-Kronig relationship for oc , we have t Ο 2 1 Λ 00 2 ( , k) = 1 - ~ + —Δ f (e*»'*" da, . 65) determine the dielectric permittivities of a substance € (ω, k) and € (œ, k), by means of the spectral distributions of the charge and transverse-current density fluctua2 2 tions <ρ >£ω and Ϊ ω , computed without taking account of the interaction between the charged particles. In the general case, in the absence of isotropy, the electromagnetic properties of a substance are characterized by the tensor 6^· .

In the case of an isotropic medium the electromagnetic properties are described completely by the longitudinal and transverse dielectric permittivities e and e . 60) in power series in e , and let us retain the basic terms. L spectral distributions of the correlation functions for systems of noninteracting particles. 62) * Shafranov (5), K u b o (6), and Nakano (7) proposed such a method of determining the macroscopic coefficients of a substance. 6. , the imaginary part of the longitudinal dielectric permittivity is expressed directly in terms of the spectral distribution of the charged-particle density fluctuations without taking account of the Coulomb interaction.

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