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By Prof. Dr. Alessandro Bencini, Prof. Dr. Dante Gatteschi (auth.)

This ebook is meant to gather in a single position as a lot details as attainable at the use of EPR spectroscopy within the research of structures within which or extra spins are magnetically coupled. it is a box the place study is especially lively and chemists are elbow-to-elbow with physicists and biologists within the vanguard. the following, as in lots of different fields, the contributions coming from various disciplines are vitally important, yet for energetic researchers it's occasionally tricky to stick to the literature, as a result of variations in languages, and assets that are customary to, e. g. , a physicist, are unique to a chemist. as a result, an attempt is required as a way to supply a unitary description of the numerous diversified phenomena that are accumulated less than the identify. with a view to outline the arguments that are handled, it's worthy to nation in actual fact what's no longer contained the following. So we don't deal with magnetic phenomena in conductors and we overlook ferro- and antiferromagnetic resonance. the elemental foundations of EPR spectroscopy are meant to be identified by means of the reader, whereas we introduce the root of magnetic interactions among spins. within the first chapters we evaluation the rules of alternate interactions, attempting to convey how the magnetic parameters are sure to the digital constitution of the interacting centers.

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12 (right) will be the most favorable energetically, because the passage will occur without any spin flip. Therefore, the possibility of easy passage of one electron from (X to P and vice versa will stabilize the high spin state on both sites. This phenomenon, peculiar to the mixed valence systems, has been termed double exchange. 70) p -+- a --1A -+-+B A p a B Fig. 12. Ground configuration of a dinucIear species with two half-filled orbitals 45 This gives a spectrum of levels with the one of maximum multiplicity lying lowest.

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They are calculated for three different distances R and, due to the R - 3 dependence, they rapidly decrease on increasing the A - B distance. The point dipolar approximation fails when the distance between the two spins is not large compared to the average distance of the unpaired electrons from their nuclei. , in Fig. 4. Also, we want to mention a transition metal complex in which the metal ion is bound to an organic radical such as the one shown in Fig. 5. 4]. TEMPOL is the nitroxide 4-hydroxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl piperidinyl-N-oxy.

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