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This is why many problems facing it are resolved by the “trial and error” method’ (Morozov 2009, 169). , 2008, personal interview, 4 June). This internal culture of collaboration is seen as meaning that ‘the tasks of the SCO are not established once and for all, but form within a process of cooperation, therefore its functions develop in parallel with its structural characteristics and, correspondingly, also possesses the potential for expansion’ (Zhao 2005, 13). By developing patterns and practices of cooperation on issues of common interest and importance to the member states’ leaderships, the SCO has created an impetus and background of collaboration, which has led to the development of further common interests and greater collaboration in these areas.

RATS is composed of a Council and an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is the permanently functioning element of the RATS based at its headquarters. Its role is to oversee the running of the RATS and the functional implementation of its work, and it is comprised of the senior staff stationed at the headquarters. The Council is the main decision-making body of the RATS, and is made up of the ministers in charge of counterterrorism efforts in the respective member states, and the Director of the Executive Committee.

This is a reflection of the fact that for the elites of the SCO member states, cooperation is targeted at two main goals: intraregional and regime security. Security As outlined, security cooperation provides the main focus of the SCO. Taking this into account, the SCO’s approach to security and the range and nature of cooperation on security between its member states is analysed in detail in Chapter 5 of this book. Hence this section only provides a very brief account of the SCO’s agenda in relation to security.

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