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In 1984, FIP issued its tips about functional layout of strengthened and prestressed concrete constructions, in accordance with the CEB-FIP version Code 1978. This quantity applies those options to 8 assorted labored examples of concrete constructions, various from basic beams to silo building, flat slab layout, incremental launching of bridge constructions and different equipment of bridge layout and development. those labored examples, every one with an evidence of the foundations concerned and relentless references to the correct sections of the 1984 options, give you the engineer with a very good advent to trendy structural layout tools

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As there are both short and long term loadings, a value such as a = 10 could also be justified. min M = -31-50 MNm See Fig. C14. n '~ -20-966 x 200 110 x 200 /2 + 1-85 x (2 x 200 - 0 30) x 0-30 + 00816 2 = -9-67 MN/m 2 9-73 — 200 ffs = 15 x 9-67 x " = 52-96 MN/m 2 (OK) Example C: Kotka Bridge b = 10 60 m 005 m A,, h, = 0 3 5 m 20 966 MN fc>w = 1 10m 0-30 m ^T A 005 m 4-80 m Fig. C12. Position of prestressing resultant - 15 - 0-0108 :-: (273 - 1-14) - 02576 15 • 0 02M • (005 1 I4| - - 0 3499 Fig.

From Table B13 M;,,, = 1722 + 194 + 2132 = 4050 kN m Partial safety coefficient B6. 1. Cross-sectional values See Table B12. 2. Structural analysis (elasticity theory) Transverse distribution Influence lines determined by classical method based on elastic behaviour; for beam 3 see Fig. B8. Bending moments See Table B13. Redistribution due to change of statical system (creep) For results see Fig. B9. Redistribution due to different concrete ages between girder and slab (shrinkage + creep) For results see Fig.

Cross-section in span r 14 tendons < 14 tendons A ^ \ = * A 10tendons 10 tendons 12 tendons Z ,12 tendons ^ A / 6 tendons | A -Hi 14 tendons A \ A 8 tendons Pi..! 0-185 m SECTION AA Straight tendons Plup in deck slab: 14,10or 12pieces Plnlin bottom slab: lO^orS pieces Curved tendons PruI added after launching: 14or12pieces Fig. C6. Prestressing tendons (longitudinal) C3. CrOSS-Section Only one cross-section in the middle of the central span is discussed in this example. The effective width is be( = 0-60 + 4-80 + 0-60 + 23/5 = 10-60 m (Fig.

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