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By Nora Savage, Anita Street

This ebook includes attention-grabbing vignettes depicting destiny societies and the consequences which expanding technological switch has on society and the surroundings. the themes mentioned comprise nanotechnology, medication, computational technological know-how, biotechnology, man made biology, and cognitive know-how, between others in technology. additionally, social norms, attitudes, and coverage also are featured. The upshot of this mix is an wonderful, academic, and thought-provoking volume.

The glimpses into destiny societies next to the advent and incorporation of assorted rising applied sciences depict situations of ways we view ourselves, how we view others, how we're seen via others, how the environment are seen, how our leaders and political constructions are seen, what our social and behavioral norms are, what our temperament/mood is, and so on. The creation encompasses a targeted discourse on present traits of the affects of rising applied sciences and the belief highlights the place society may still move from here.

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