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By Rudolph Binion

The wealthy and interesting lifetime of Lou Andreas-Salomé (1861-1937) has been reconstructed via Professor Binion on an enormous documentary foundation, and his findings contradict all past models of her lifestyles. Frau Lou was once a lady of prodigious mind, a lady of letters, and a strong character. She used to be heavily associated with a number of the nice cultural figures of the time, frequently prior to they accomplished acceptance. This was once the case with Nietzsche, Rilke, Freud, Ferdinand Tönnies, Gerhart Hauptmann, Arthur Schnitzler, and Martin Buber. Frau Lou not just relates yet translates Lou's lifestyles, and the purpose of the ebook is to find how the works of the brain, even if medical or creative, come up out of non-public experience.

Contents: I. Father and Father-God. II. God's Vicar, Gillot. III. After Gillot. IV. The Unholy Trinity. V. From Pillar to publish. VI. "A Pity Forever." VII. Lou with no Nietzsche. VIII. The Wayward Disciple. IX. Rites of affection. X. Super-Lou and Raincr. XI. Russia In, Raincr Out. XII. Idly Busy. XIII. At Freud's Elbow. XIV. a personalised Freudianism. XV. Theorizing for Freud. XVI. dwelling for Freud. XVII. other than Freud. XVIII. Revamping the prior. XIX. "Homecoming." XX. A Retrospect. XXI. past Frau Lou. Bibliography. Index.

Originally released in 1968.

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M There was no discernible regularity to her moping, nor was it discernibly contingent on outer circumstances (not even the weather: D 8 vn 1894: "Splendid weather. Melancholy"; D 21 VII 1894: "Foul weather. Melancholy") except when it took a suicidal turn after breaks with god-men. "Cf. 1913c:465-66: nothing so resembled her childhood joy in God as her youthful joy in knowledge, which itself derived from an early curiosity about sex. After Gillot Her very aloofness from circumstances, a legacy of her long years of introversion, was itself an asset once she was set on imposing her­ self.

And later reworked: Nietzsche's first transcript (below, p. 85 n. e) differs from Lou's 1881 copy; Lou's 1883a:187 version was adapted from Nietzsche's own adaptation of IX 1882 (below, pp. 86 n. /, 120 n. h), and the 1935a:47 one, presented as her first, was new. "'1 Goethe had taught her that the gods give their darlings all sorrows, like all joys, unendingly—not, however, that the darlings were grateful for both. 4 Lou's letter to Kinkel had also been a leave-taking. "5/j' Zurich was too damp and cold for her—perhaps also too provincial—so her mother con­ ducted her southward from one health resort to another.

Caro, who had earlier rejoiced that Lou was "soon off to Finland, where the lessons will cease for a few months so you can get over the excitement" and "maybe also draw closer to Mama,"67/fc now grew alarmed, for Lou's health was fast declining. "Your assurances to the contrary notwithstanding, I be­ lieve that you overestimate your strength. You say your bodily dis­ order is a consequence of sleeplessness, but the case is one of recip­ rocal action: the sleeplessness comes from excessive nervous irrita­ tion and mental strain, and it produces physical fatigue in its turn.

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