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By Robert Forsyth

For the 1st time within the best-selling Duel sequence, Osprey Publishing offers the scary aerial conflict among a fighter and a bomber. The Fw one hundred ninety used to be the most effective air superiority plane of worldwide conflict II. whilst it first seemed over the Channel in 1941 it despatched shockwaves during the Allied air instructions. by way of 1944, those warring parties were up-gunned to function front line of defence opposed to the Allied bombing crusade. even though the Fw 190s have been chargeable for capturing down countless numbers of Allied bombers, they met their fit opposed to the USA Air-Force B-17 'Flying Fortress.' able to hold 4,000 lbs of bombs and bristling with .50-cal laptop weapons, the B-17 may possibly sow demise in each path. utilizing brand-new art and first-hand debts, this publication recreates the lethal drama within the skies above Germany in 1944.

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This is seen in the steady growth of the percentage of nose attacks, since enemy fighters may be expected to attack weak spots. " However, by the time new B - l 7 groups arrived in numbers in England for the Eighth Air Force during the winter of 1943-44, operational training had reached considerably higher standards in the US. Much of it was handled by Combat Crew Replacement Centers (CCRC), although ad hoc forms of training continued to be meted out at unit level. In April 1944, inventive gunnery officers at Kimbolton, for example, constructed their own timber rig in a blister hangar into which were fitted chin, ball and top turrets and nose gun positions from wrecked B-l7s.

The B-l7s despite making substantial claims against Luftwaffe fighters, Eighth Air Force air that have been shot down have been from the usual causes of straggling and gunners getting killed. Damage to airplanes returning has been slight, and there have only gunners were in reality been two airplanes at any one time out of commission due to enemy gunfire. Gunners proving ineffective at have caused many fighters to decide not to attack by firing a burst just as the fighter protecting B - l ? s and B-24s begins the turn-in to attack.

Circuit breaker panel cover 8. Throttle 27. Ammunition counters 45. Oil temperature gauge 62. Clock 9. Throttle-mounted propeller 28. SZKK 4 armament switch and 46. Windscreen washer operating 63. Map holder flap position indicators pitch control thumb switch control panel lever 4?. Engine ventilation flap control 64. Operations information card 65. Flare box cover 10. Tailplane trim indicator 29. 30mm armor glass 11. Panel lighting dimmer 30. Windscreen spray pipes 12. Pilot's seat 31. 50mm armor glass 48.

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