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For Goffman, ‘frame’ refers to participants’ knowledge, based on previous experience, about the typical organisation of an event or an activity. The way an activity is framed will affect participants’ interpretation of the activity, as well as the forms of behaviour, including language behaviour, they might be expected to engage in. g. from official to unofficial) or the complex management of competing frames. The invocation of gender is also, in various ways, strategic, contributing to a range of interactional, interpersonal and affective functions – a point I discuss further below.

G. when Joan Swann 23 speakers invoke a topic that has strong gender associations). This is the main focus of my own analysis (below) and it is evident in some other sociolinguistic studies. For instance, Jennifer Coates’ (2003) account of men’s conversational narratives draws on evidence of (mainly indirect) gendered reference such as narrative topics and characterisation to illustrate different ways in which men ‘position themselves in relation to hegemonic masculinity’ (Coates 2003: 41). g. g.

G. 1996). Emily’s and Gemma’s utterances in staves 1–4, are semantically aligned, for instance, and also run in parallel, overlapping one another. This is easier to see in a stave transcript. ; punches towards screen then leans back 32 5 Gender and Spoken Interaction Emily Gemma if you were a little weakling right Dan 6 Emily Gemma Dan ((laughs)) I’m not a weakling not a weakling At the beginning of the interaction, all the children are engaged in official discourse, discussing how it would feel to go to prison.

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