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By Laura Shepherd

During this hugely unique poststructural feminist critique, the writer maps the discursive terrains of associations, either NGOs and the UN, which formulate and enforce resolutions and publications of perform that have an effect on gender concerns within the context of foreign coverage practices. Drawing jointly theoretical paintings on discourses of gender violence and overseas safeguard, sexualized violence in struggle, gender and peace strategies, and the domestic-international dichotomy together with her personal rigorous empirical research, the writer develops a compelling discourse-theoretical research that delivers to have far-reaching impression in either educational and coverage environments.

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The analytical strategies I develop in this chapter impact on the critiques that I undertake in the following chapter, and, given my belief that research is inherently political, this would be the case whether or not I were explicit about it. It therefore makes sense to me that the reader of my study is equipped with as much information as possible concerning my ontological and epistemological assump- A n a ly t i c a l S t r at e g i e s | 3 3 tions and how these inform my analytical strategies before I apply these strategies to a critical review.

If power is ‘productive’, as Foucault argues, and discursive – or signifying – practices are also productive, specifically of meaning, and involve ‘relations of power’, then it is reasonable to sustain the theoretical assumption that power is implicated in the production of meaning. That is to say, the ways in which discursive practices construct an intelligible reality that then itself acts as a referent for the construction of meaning are intrinsically related to power. DTA, then, gives analytical primacy to this Foucauldian conceptualization of power.

The first section explores dominant academic conceptualizations of gendered violence. This section has three subsections in which I map out the contours of each of the three approaches I have identified: ‘violence against women’, ‘gender violence’ and ‘the violent reproduction of gender’. I offer six critiques of each of the first two approaches, before outlining the approach I find most persuasive. The analysis of the literature on international security proceeds in the same way in the second section of this chapter, and is divided up similarly, with three subsections addressing ‘national security’, ‘international security’ and ‘the violent reproduction of the international’.

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