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By Vlad Ionescu

This complete textual content is exclusive in offering a generalization of the algebraic Riccati thought for the indefinite signal and singular instances from the point of view of the Popov functionality technique. the idea embodies a scientific presentation from the time area, frequency area and state-space standpoints. the complete improvement is orientated in the direction of functions in powerful platforms theory.Extension of the prestigious Popov positivity conception to the sport theoretic caseCharacterizations of the strategies to the Riccati equation when it comes to the input-output operator, move functionality matrix and transmission matrix pencil, all linked to the underlying Hamiltonian systemComprehensive remedy of either non-stop and discrete time casesA signature established technique which unifies the recommendations to varied mathematical difficulties from powerful regulate idea, together with the maxmin, Nehari, H2, H??? regulate and powerful stabilization problemsGraduate scholars on top of things engineering and people engaged on the math of structures and regulate idea will locate this e-book crucial examining. For researchers, this can be an necessary paintings, whilst looking ever extra powerful keep watch over legislation which take uncertainties under consideration.

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