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Книга рассказывает о пехотинцах США, сражавшихся на всех ТВД Второй мировой

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Для сайта:Мир книгКнига посвящается Советским летчикам и солдатам, служившим в составе ВВС ЦГВ, ОК и ЮГВ.

The Deserter

Think you are on a British man-o'war, anchored in an estuary of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, round 1800. at the back of the excessive purple cliffs lie enormous quantities of miles of uncharted desolate tract. in the event you leap send and are stuck, you may be branded a deserter - topic to loss of life by way of 100 lashes. when you bounce, the icy waters may well freeze your physique and declare your soul.

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Aii. Defen•e of Hawaii and preparation for combat, 1942-43 On March 16, 1942, Michael's company arrived on the island of Kauai, Hawaiian Islands, and immediately began prmiding security and preparing beach defenses. For the next 20 months, the ,~arious islands were home to the 165th Infantry, who built beach defenses and guarded the islands against an invasion that never came. V\'ar here was different from on the mainland. There was less food to eat, as most of it had to be shipped from the continental United States, and with the build-up of military traffic, there were not as many luxuries.

R 1 Gunner 1 Aul. Gunner 1 Ammo beaNr 32 GI: THE US INFANTRYMAN IN WORLD WAR II Tht' section leader (sergean1. and lacer s1aff st'rgt·am) was responsible for rheir employment. training. and sus1enance. In combat he sele(·ted and assigned locations for the squads, assigned sectors of fire, and ensured the machine guns remained resupplied. The squad leader (corporal, and later sergeant) selected the exac1 firing position. obser\'ed and adjus1ed fire. enforced fire discipline. and ensured his ammunition bearers kept his crew resupplied with ammunition.

Deep in the ranks of his company, could not obsen·e much, but he could hear the music and officers' commands. ~ At the last note of the bugle call the evening gun fired and the regimental band began pla)ing the National Anthem as the color bearers struck the post flag. In the summer of 1940, while debate in Congress and across the nation centered on the necessity of a peacetime draft and federalization of the Guard, the 165th maneuvered at DeKalb, New York. Newsreels in theaters showed German tanks and Stukas sweeping across France, and smiling Japanese soldiers marching through Chinese towns with flags in their rifle barrels.

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