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By Della Casa, Giovanni; Della Case, Giovanni; Van Sickle, John

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Y. Lord, has in great part the blame, that sought, because you gave me a reputation with H. Most I am Illustrious Lord, both in speaking and writing: be content, then, to take the Casa (Venice) to Vettori (Florence), 27 January 1553, Opere (1806) 2:201-3. a letter written during the ambassadorship and cited above: 15 August 1545, Opere (1806) 4:211. ='• '^ A variant of this argument appeared in INTRODUCTION 22 trouble to see general, and and to read it, two it and times, any in particular, without freely advise reserve; because me in my nature is to change, and to rechange, and willingly to remake again, like one who it has no haste.

III. 16 and 17) and type 2 {Carm. 24 and 25), but this book opens with the famous run of six poems in Alcaic strophe the so-called Roman Odes. g. l, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, but of course also the two poems naming Augustus that close Book IV. Casa here carries further what Horace did with this meter at a crucial moment in his first sequence: Carm. 11; cf. discussion by Santirocco, Unity and Design, 44-46. g. 13, 14, INTRODUCTION 30 {CL IV, V). Also, when Casa announces sole authority claimed is a poetic program in CL X, the Horace.

Thus Dominichio did not have access to the material sent by Rucellai from Venice and used by Vettori in 1564. ers could Rome Enough copies were loose in Florence that publish- even plan an edition without Rucellai. Codex Vaticanus Copy of CL IX latinus 14825, fols. 118-19. written by the same hand (Casa's secretary's) as the copies of Bembo's life and the Galateo strophe differs markedly from 1564 Autograph Codex (see texts in this binder. One below). latinus monacensis 760, item 77. An autograph copy of CL VH ("His Nephew against Flattery") in the same redaction that appears also in 1560 and 1563 (see texts below).

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