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By Richard M Leighton; Robert W Coakley

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Для сайта:Мир книгКнига посвящается Советским летчикам и солдатам, служившим в составе ВВС ЦГВ, ОК и ЮГВ.

The Deserter

Think you are on a British man-o'war, anchored in an estuary of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, round 1800. in the back of the excessive purple cliffs lie 1000s of miles of uncharted wasteland. when you leap send and are stuck, you may be branded a deserter - topic to loss of life by way of 100 lashes. when you leap, the icy waters might freeze your physique and declare your soul.

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The theory of strongly implied though not explicitly war itself is occupied not with perfecting asserted by Clausewitz, that the "subservithese means but with their use for the object ent" services could be relegated to a sepaof the war. It needs only the results of them, that is to say the knowledge of the principal rate compartment from the conduct of combat operations. European armies after properties of the means it has taken over. S. Army, Convinced as he was of the superiority of placed the specific function of co-ordinatmoral to material forces in war, Clause- ing important logistical activities (as well witz had little interest in the "subservient" services, even though he conceded their Karl von Clausewitz, On War, translated by O.

1. REARMAMENT AND FOREIGN AID BEFORE LEND-LEASE ply would early become apparent, and action analogous to that found essential during that period would be taken. In the meantime, important preparatory measures would have been neglected, and a delay and confusion that might prove fatal to 12the success of our arms would be inevitable. 27 disinterested purveyor of munitions to all who could buy them and carry them away. Great Britain and France purchased, accordingly, with an eye to conserving their limited fund of dollars.

Military Terms for Joint Usage (Washington, June 1950). 27 FM 100-10, Field Service Regulations: Administration, Sep 49. "28 Repeated use of such locutions as "logistics and administration," "logistics and construction," and even, inexplicably, "logistics and supply" betrays a widespread uncertainty in the military profession itself as to precisely where logistics stops and something else begins. 29 Until it matures and settles down, we must accept it, perforce, in whatever guise it appears— that is to say, with the specific shape, content, and emphases it derives from its concrete environment.

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