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Height = height; } // ... java public class MyClass implements IsSerializable { /** * This field is a Set that must always contain Strings. String> 1 F ridays If GWT ever supports generics this will become easier. Report erratum 41 C HAPTER 5. java public interface MyService extends RemoteService { /** * The first annotation indicates that the parameter named 'c' is * a List that will only contain Integer objects. The second * annotation indicates that the returned List will only contain * String objects (notice there is no need for a name, since it * is a return value).

All it has to do is copy the JavaScript native code directly into the compiled result. If you’ve used Microsoft’s Visual C++ or the GNU C++ compiler, the effect is much like inline assembler code, except with a much higher level language than assembler. Since JavaScript is interpreted, any errors in the JavaScript code won’t be evident until run-time. 3 Calling JSNI from Java Calling a JSNI method from Java1 is no different than calling a regular Java method. client package. But you knew that, right?

0 let you define the procedure call once, then generate the boilerplate code for you. To prevent chatty communication, you should allow it to request the price of several stocks at once. So, you’ll need a method that takes an array of symbol names, and returns an array of doubles. Let’s stick that method in an interface called StockService. The three interfaces or classes you need to define are: Name interface StockService Location Purpose client and server Describes the service (its signature) class StockServiceImpl server Actual code goes here interface StockServiceAsync client Lets you call the service The only object here with any meat on it is the StockServiceImpl class, so let’s look at that one first.

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