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By Mark Bevir, Frank Trentmann

This can be the 1st publication to collect a spotlight on governance with that on cultures of intake. It asks concerning the altering position of the patron as citizen in fresh tendencies in governance, in regards to the tensions among competing rules and practices of consumerism, and concerning the lively position of customers within the building of governance. The e-book seeks to extend the talk approximately shoppers and governance and to elevate the potential of new conceptions and coverage agendas.

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If anyone really wanted to reduce meanings to social discourses defined by the relationships between their semantic units, they would have to argue that our utterances and intentionality are fixed in every detail by quasi-structures. But, of course, context does not fix conduct in this way. To the contrary, because people can adopt different beliefs and perform different actions against the background of the same context, there must be an undecided space to the fore of any given context. There must be a space in which individuals might adopt this or that belief and perform this or that action as a result of their situated agency.

It suggests, to the contrary, that constructivists share a concern with exploring social practices through bottom-up studies of meanings that emphasize contingency. Yet, social constructivists remain ambiguous or confused about the question of agency. Sometimes they even imply that individuals are the passive bearers of discourses, which, in turn, are defined by the relations among semiotic units. I conclude by exploring how recognition of situated agency might strengthen constructivist theories of governance.

Markets and networks allow citizens to express more nuanced 20 Introduction preferences in a more continuous way than they can when restricted to electing representatives. The new governance thus opens up new possibilities for participation and devolution in democracy. Equally, however, we should remain aware of the ways in which markets and networks often embed inequalities and impose identities upon people in a way that then might require the state to act as a guarantor of effective agency and difference.

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