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By Jr., John Miller

This account of the 1st victory over jap floor forces, informed on the point of businesses, platoons, or even members, demonstrates the connection among air, floor, and floor forces in glossy war.

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The Deserter

Think you are on a British man-o'war, anchored in an estuary of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, round 1800. at the back of the excessive purple cliffs lie countless numbers of miles of uncharted desolate tract. for those who leap send and are stuck, you'll be branded a deserter - topic to loss of life by way of 100 lashes. when you leap, the icy waters may well freeze your physique and declare your soul.

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The carrier Enterprise, the battleship North Carolina, one heavy cruiser, one light antiaircraft cruiser, and five destroyers constituted another unit. 25 The Amphibious Force, under the command of Admiral Turner, consisted of twenty-three transports and twenty-eight warships. Turner's force was composed of the South Pacific Amphibious Force, the naval forces from the Southwest Pacific, and three heavy cruisers, one light antiaircraft cruiser, and six destroyers from the Central Pacific. The Amphibious Force was to sail from the Fijis to a point about 400 nautical miles south of the west tip of Guadalcanal, and then to sail north at 12 knots toward the objectives.

37 The Decision On 2 July 1942 General Marshall and Admiral King, having reached agreement on all questions at issue, signed the "Joint Directive for Offensive Opera33 Memo, COMINCH for WDCSA, 29 Jun 42, sub: Amph Opns in SO and SOWESPAC. OPD 381 SWPA Sec. II Case 80. 34 Rad, WDCSA to CINC SWPA, CM-OUT-7356, 28 Jun 42. 35 Memo, WDCSA for COMINCH, 29 Jun 42 (no sub). OPD 381 SWPA Sec. II Case 80. Rad, WDCSA to CINC SWPA, CM-OUT-7501, 29 Jun 42. 36 37 Rad, WDCSA to CINC SWPA, CM-OUT-0677, 3 Jul 42.

Logistical plans for the operation took into account the lack of good bases in the South Pacific Area. During the rehearsal, all vessels were to take on fuel as the tactical situation permitted from tankers at Noumea and the Fijis, and from tanks on shore in the Fijis and Espiritu Santo and Efate in the New Hebrides. Fleet units were to take on full loads of ammunition after the rehearsal. Only minor ship repairs could be effected in the South Pacific. Auckland had a dockyard and a drydock, and a floating drydock at Wellington could accommodate a heavy cruiser.

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