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By Leo Tolstoy, Alymer Maude, Azar Nafisi

In 1851 Leo Tolstoy enlisted within the Russian military and was once despatched to the Caucasus to aid defeat the Chechens. in this struggle a superb Avar chieftain, Hadji Mur?d, broke with the Chechen chief Shamil and fled to the Russians for safeguard. Months later, whereas trying to rescue his kinfolk from Shamil’s felony, Hadji Mur?d used to be pursued by means of these he had betrayed and, after combating the main heroic conflict of his existence, used to be killed.Tolstoy, witness to the various occasions resulting in Hadji Mur?d’s demise, set down this tale with painstaking accuracy to maintain for destiny generations the horror, the Aristocracy, and destruction inherent in battle.

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Vorontsóv, in the most cheerful mood, returned to the fort. 36 VI Young Vorontsóv was much pleased that it was he, and not any one else, who had succeeded in winning over and receiving Hadji Murád—next to Shamil, Russia's chief and most active enemy. There was just one unpleasant thing about it: General Meller-Zakomélsky was in command of the army in Vozdvízhensk, and the whole affair ought to have been carried out through him; and as Vorontsóv had done everything himself without reporting it, there might be some unpleasantness; and this thought somewhat interfered with his satisfaction.

All right, all right," said Vorontsóv. "I will think it over.... " 50 Thus ended the first interview between Hadji Murád and Vorontsóv. That evening, at the new theatre, which was decorated in Oriental style, an Italian opera was performed. Vorontsóv was in his box when the striking figure of the limping Hadji Murád wearing a turban appeared in the stalls. He came in with Lóris-Mélikov,1 Vorontsov's aide-de-camp, in whose charge he was placed, and took a seat in the front row. Having sat through the first act with Oriental, Muslim dignity, expressing no pleasure, but only obvious indifference, he rose and looking calmly round at the audience went out, drawing to himself everybody's attention.

And how they seized him and his wives, and he heard the wives crying and sobbing. He woke up. " and the weeping of Shamil's wives, was the howling weeping and laughter of jackals that awoke him. Hadji Murád lifted his head, glanced at the sky which seen between the trunks of the trees was already getting light in the east, and inquired after Khan Mahomá of a murid who sat at some distance from him. On hearing that Khan Mahomá had not yet returned Hadji Murád again bowed his head and fell asleep at once.

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