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By M. I. Ebbutt

This anthology is an intensive creation to vintage literature if you haven't but skilled those literary masterworks. if you have recognized and enjoyed those works some time past, this is often a call for participation to reunite with previous associates in a clean new layout. From Shakespeare s finesse to Oscar Wilde s wit, this distinct assortment brings jointly works as assorted and influential because the Pilgrim s growth and Othello. As an anthology that invitations readers to immerse themselves within the masterpieces of the literary giants, it really is must-have addition to any library.

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He then chose with care eleven warriors, picked men of his own bodyguard, to accompany him in this dangerous quest. They compelled the unhappy fugitive whose theft had begun the trouble to act as their guide, and thus they marched to the lonely spot where the dragon’s barrow stood close to the sea-shore. The guide went unwillingly, but was forced thereto by his lord, because he alone knew the way. Beowulf Faces Death When the little party reached the place they halted for a time, and Beowulf sat down meditating sadly on his past life, and on the chances of this great conflict which he was about to begin.

Back to the earth they gave treasures of ancient folk, Gold to the gloomy mould, where it now lieth Useless to sons of men as it e’er was of yore. Then round the mound there rode twelve manly warriors, Chanting their bitter grief, singing the hero dead, Mourning their noble king in fitting words of woe! They praised his courage high and his proud, valiant deeds, Honoured him worthily, as it is meet for men Duly to praise in words their friendly lord and king When his soul wanders forth far from its fleshly home.

As he prayed a sweetsmelling vapour, curling upwards like the incense-wreaths around the altar, rose to the skies from the summit of the hill. The sign was manifest to all, and Judas gave thanks to God for His great mercy; then, bidding the wondering soldiers help him, he began to dig. By this time all men knew what they sought, and each wished to uncover the holy relic, so that all dug with great zeal, until, under twenty feet of earth, [Pg 60] they uncovered three crosses, so well preserved that they lay in the earth just as the Jews had hidden them.

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