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By Johannes Hirschberger

L. a. presente obra es ya un clásico de los angeles historiografía filosófica. Publicada en castellano por primera vez en 1954, ha contribuido a l. a. formación en filosofía de varias generaciones tanto en España con en América Latina. Johannes Hirschberger aspira a fundir los angeles actividad historiográfica con l. a. pensante, ya que su intención es ofrecer un texto suficientemente amplio y condensado a l. a. vez, que logre resumir con viveza las principales corrientes de las distintas épocas y el pensamiento de los autores.

Con esta nueva edición, revisada a fondo y ampliada hasta nuestros días, sobre todo en lo referente a los angeles bibliografía, los angeles filosofía española y las últimas corrientes de pensamiento, Herder Editorial quiere rendir homenaje a uno de sus grandes autores y orientar los angeles mirada de los amantes de l. a. filosofía hacia un espejo donde se reflejan las caras e inquietudes de nuestra época.

Este tomo primero abarca el periodo de los presocráticos a principios del siglo XVII.

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Has explored the same problem and has argued the contrary position in an essay entitled "The Function of Medicine" [1]. He argued that most acutely, critically ill patients should be presumed to be devoid of autonomy. He relied on Gerald Dworkin's defmition of autonomy as 'authenticity plus independence' [4]. Cassell suggested that the function of medicine was to restore autonomy by treating the patient, even if this meant disregarding the patient's competent, 'rational' refusal. Cassell's justification for overriding a patient's wishes, on the grounds that illness renders individuals inauthentic, seemed excessively broad.

Relations between them were based on a mutually understood medical context. Today, however, an acutely, critically ill patient is often Ii stranger. The physician is forced to concentrate on the choice, because he has no existing frame of reference concerning the chooser. 20 MARK SIEGLER AND ANN DUDLEY GOLDBLATT The decision becomes not whether this choice of a particular patient is authentic, but whether a refusal itself can ever be considered an authentic decision. Given these conditions of uncertainty and ignorance as to individual commitments and life-plans, the physician must decide whether a patient's refusal is 'authentic'.

Their commentaries have structured the issues and, in general, have resolved them in accord with libertarian principles of self-determination. Unfortunately, practicing physicians have contributed little to the analysis of this issue, although it has a direct effect on the practice of medicine and the care of patients} This essay will analyze the issue of patients' rights and physicians' responsibilities from the perspective of professionals actively involved in clinical situations, rather than by conjuring hypothetical circumstances.

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