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By Barrie Pitt (Editor)

Journal of the army historical past of WWII.

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Для сайта:Мир книгКнига посвящается Советским летчикам и солдатам, служившим в составе ВВС ЦГВ, ОК и ЮГВ.

The Deserter

Think you are on a British man-o'war, anchored in an estuary of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, round 1800. in the back of the excessive purple cliffs lie hundreds of thousands of miles of uncharted desolate tract. in the event you bounce send and are stuck, you may be branded a deserter - topic to dying by way of 100 lashes. should you leap, the icy waters may freeze your physique and declare your soul.

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About a hundred native miners were employed on each of three shifts under the supervision of a Filipino capataz, obviously a bastardization of the word “captain,” and three assistants on each shift. It was my duty to plan each day’s operations, observe the work and check the safety. And, of course, I had to perform the unceasing paperwork. It was not greatly different from my previous jobs and, except for the language difficulty and my being unaccustomed to the large amount of hand labor involved in each operation, things proceeded normally.

The bomber we had seen had made a forced landing in a nearby rice paddy and several of the crew were wounded. Would we send transportation to bring the men to the mine, asked the caller? The plane was one of our B-17’s, not the Japanese bomber we had believed it to be. The war was getting closer. The truck we dispatched to Milagros returned early the next morning with the seven crew members. After treatment at the mine hospital, where shell fragments were laboriously and painfully picked from their anatomies, six of the men were given rooms in the guest house.

We didn’t mind how or what Undet did. Ken and I not only knew nothing of jungle life, we were almost too exhausted even to move. ” Morning finally arrived, but we were still too tired to move. The entire day was spent doing nothing. That night we again fought the mosquitoes and smoke. The following morning, however, we were sufficiently rested, and we took off again for the coast, and for the island of Panay. The stream we were following soon began to get too wide and deep for wading and we were forced to take to the bank.

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