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By Beverley Southgate

Heritage: What and Why? is an introductory survey of the character and function of heritage. Beverley Southgate argues that the conventional version of the topic as a re-discovery of the earlier `as it was once' has now been outdated. it's been effectively challenged through advancements in different disciplines, equivalent to linguistics, psychology and philosophy, including the paintings of Marxist, feminist and post-colonial historians. This e-book combines a old point of view with a transparent advisor to present debates concerning the nature of historical past. It proposes a good function for ancient research within the postmodern period.

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8 It will, he believes, prove of lasting value, because it contains a moral lesson of universal applicability. Again there is the assumption of a moral order, of which we should be aware, and in accordance with which we should organise our lives. This had been ignored by the Athenians, who like the earlier Persians displayed hubris in their imperialistic ambitions and in their inhumane treatment of their enemies. This is clearly shown by Thucydides in his dramatised account of the Why history? Past answers 31 diplomatic exchanges and debate between the Melians, the inhabitants of a small island who wanted to remain neutral, and the powerful Athenians who were determined to enlist them on their side.

As Herodotus’s professional successor, and as one who wrote self-consciously as a historian, Thucydides deliberately and explicitly distances himself from any tradition of mere entertainment. Some writers are concerned, not so much with truth as with attracting immediate attention, but his own work, he explains, has been written ‘not as an essay which is to win the applause of the moment’. 8 It will, he believes, prove of lasting value, because it contains a moral lesson of universal applicability.

As Auguste Comte (1798–1857), another enthu-siast for the indefinite extension of ‘scientific method’, What was history? ’26 The ‘progress’ so evident in science is thus happily seen to be paralleled by developments in historical study. 27 This scientistic approach was used to justify the establishment of historical study as a reputable academic discipline. In the context of a ‘scientific’ model, historians could be seen as serious contenders for an ‘objective’ truth, which could ultimately be reached through the application of proper procedures.

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