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By Charles Whiting

After the 1st lovely victories of Germany's Parachute Corps, Churchill and different Allied leaders ordered the formation in their personal paratroopers, copying the German version. The purple Devils, the Screaming Eagles, Les Paras and others established their gear and reckless bravado on Germany's 'hunters from the sky,' a hugely winning workforce of infantrymen till 1941, while their large losses throughout the invasion of Crete diminished their effectiveness within the eyes of Hitler's generals. Whiting tells the entire tale of the Parachute Corps and their founder, normal Kurt scholar, who commanded the paratroopers on their preliminary victories in Europe, their Pyrrhic conquest of Greece, their undertaking to rescue Mussolini, and their final drop into Allied-surrounded territory.

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The naval attack in failure. the Dutch Air Force took over. For the rest of that confused afternoon they bombed Dutch Marines prepared the Waalhaven area continuously while the for their counter-attack. if he broke the German hold which was a key point on the road must use if they wanted to link up with the General Winkelmann calculated that on the centre bridge the German at Dordrecht, relief forces paras in Rotterdam, he could deal with their resistance to the north and south of Dordrecht at his leisure.

A squadron of Me 109s roared into battle. The Hurricanes zoomed upwards to meet the new danger and the sky was instantly transformed into a roaring, snarling mess of individual planes, weaving and turning desperately, their white-tailed loops and turns punctuated by the chatter of machine-guns and the grunt of cannon. But Schulz had no time to watch the fighter battle as the first heavily-laden transport came into land. Springing into the Dutch Colonel's car, he raced across the field to where it had come to a stop.

Just as he was about to his rifle up. ' he cried. fire an NCO knocked They commandeered one of the Dutch workmen and flinging their briefcases after them. Then Kerfin had set off, the tram crowded with boisterous Fallschirmjaeger. Those who couldn't get on grabbed cars and followed. The black-coated police, who were armed with heavy revolvers, were. Kerfin's paras had simply local trams, kicking out the surprised standing at busy cross-roads directing the to stop tions. them, as were the odd soldiers, traffic, were too surprised guarding the dock installa- Dressed in their coal-scuttle helmets and puttees, they watched the Germans' progress open-mouthed, without firing a single shot.

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