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In their 1986 report about race relations, the House of Commons Select Committee on Home Affairs described racial attacks as, 'the most shameful and dispiriting aspect of race relations in Britain (Home Affairs Committee, 1986), and in their evidence to an earlier enquiry by the committee the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) described racial attacks as 'the most wicked additional burden faced S. Holdaway, The Racialisation of British Policing © Simon Holdaway 1996 46 1he Racialisation rif British Policing by ethnic groups resident within already high crime areas (Home Affairs Committee, 1982)'.

The 1988 British Crime Survey also found a less serious but nevertheless notable problem within its sample of Asians interviewed. 60 per cent of Asians interviewed were men, which is an over-representation that may be due to the reluctance of Asian women to be interviewed, itself related to a somewhat sheltered style of life. There could of course also be a 'racial' factor working here because exclusion from public places may have been partly increased by apprehension or fear of victimisation in the streets.

But the question of how far a racial motive changes the nature of an assault or act of criminal damage brings to the fore wider issues about the social context within which people from minority ethnic groups live and the appropriate response of legislators and policy. 'Racial attack and harassment' summarises a very wide range of offences and incivilities ranging from murderous assault, damage to property, including the daubing of racist slogans, to verbal and other forms of personal abuse of an isolated or persistent nature.

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