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Infantry Drill laws, usa military, 1911 - Corrected to April 15, 1917 (Changes Nos. 1 to 19) is gifted right here in a top quality paperback variation. This renowned vintage paintings via usa warfare division is within the English language, and will no longer comprise images or photographs from the unique version. in the event you benefit from the works of usa warfare division then we hugely suggest this e-book in your booklet assortment.

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The piece may be brought to a ready from any position by the same commands; in executing it, first take the position of load. (Pars. ) 82. Being in position of load or ready: 1. Order, 2, ARMS. Lower the hammer to the safety notch, and take tile order as from charge bayonet; the rear rank men then step back and cover their file leaders. If kneeling, lower the hammer to the safety notch and take the order kneeling. 83. To ascertain if any of the pieces are loaded, the instructor causes them to be brought to the port and commands: 1.

72. Being at the order kneeling: RISE. Rise and take the position of order arms; the rear rank men covering their file leaders. 73. Being at the order kneeling: LIE DOWN. Each front rank man Pl. 13 Par. 73. places the right knee against the left heel. ) Draw back the left foot and lace the knee on the ground; place the left hand well forward on the ground and lie flat on the belly, thus inclining the body about thirty-five degrees to the right; the piece is lowered at the same time with the right hand, toe resting on the ground, barrel up, left hand at the bal- SCHOOL OF THE SOLDIER.

24, Par. 167. GUARD. Bring the piece back to the position of guard. In the preliminary drill,- after the parries and points, the position of guard is resumed, by command, after each movement. When the men have become proficient the instructor will cause them to resume the guard without command. 166. 1. Right low, 2. PARRY. Move the point of the bayonet quickly opposite the left shoulder; describe a semi circle from left to right bring the point of the bayonet to the heiglt of and in front of the right knee, barrel to the left, butt under right forearm, elbow two or three inches higher than the right shoulder.

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