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By Mark Mazower

The German military invaded Greece in April 1941, and remained there until eventually October 1944. in the course of these 3 lengthy years, tens of millions of Greek civilians perished, the commercial constitution of the rustic was once destroyed, and the rustic plunged right into a poor civil struggle. utilizing documentary resources in lots of nations (including the files of the workplace of Strategic providers in Washington), Mazower has written the 1st complete account of the adventure of career from the point of view of these who persisted it, and from those that imposed it. the writer appears in any respect features of the German career of Greece from the function of resistance combatants, to the expansion of the black industry, to the standard fight for survival of Greek islanders. He has drawn his findings right into a narrative account which makes use of many formerly unpublished images.

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Metaxas's Interior Minister was actually 13 The Chaos of the New Order: 1941 -43 a well-known admirer of the Third Reich. That spring the new government clamped down on industrial unrest with unprecedented harshness. Faced with the threat of a general strike in August 1936, Metaxas declared martial law, inaugurating a regime which would last until his death on the eve of the invasion in 1 94 1 . King George himself had paved the way for this course by giving Metaxas permission to suspend Parliament indefinitely.

We became friends and I have them nearly every day at my house. I have three motorcars at my disposition. I Iive as a little queen. Very respected and beloved, I refresh [sic] myself from the Greek rabble, I live at least in my ambience, among strong men, very well educated, cleanly dressed, with the best manners. 53 Before long, however, even the privileged and well-connected were feeling anxious. September was very hot and dry. People looked ahead fearfully to the coming winter. From the island of 33 7.

He attributed the defeat of the Central Powers in the First World War at least in part to Balkan entanglements, and hardly wished to divert troops to a risky sideshow during the build-up to the invasion of Russia. Through trade, the Third Reich held south-eastern Europe in a powerful embrace, and there seemed little reason to add the burdens of military occupation. Yet ironically, it was Hitler's own actions which led to the German intervention in Greece. In the late summer of 1 940, the Romanians had agreed to let German soldiers, unconvincingly masquerading as 'advisers', into the vital Ploesti oilfields.

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