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134) Employing a methodology similar to that of Deardorff (2004), Hunter (2004) surveyed senior international educators, transnational corporation human resource managers, and United Nations officials to determine their perception of the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences necessary to become globally competent. For these individuals, a globally competent person is someone who is “able to identify cultural differences to compete globally, collaborate across cultures, and effectively participate in both social and business settings in other countries” (Deardorff and Hunter, 2006: 77).

Recognizing “the complex multicultural dynamics” of “our current global society,” Chen and Starosta (2008: 227) recommend that measures of intercultural communication competence take into account the multiple perspectives and identities that are now a common feature within communities and cultures: The trends of technology development, globalization of the economy, widespread population migration, development of multiculturalism, and the demise of the nation-state in favor of sub- and supranational identifications have shrunk and multiculturalized the world, and traditional perceptions of self and other must be redefined.

This has brought about a dramatic increase in the number and diversity of study abroad programs, including short-term sojourns. Chapter 2 delves into potential outcomes of internationalization and the need for institutions to define what is meant by global competence and intercultural communicative competence. 2 Intercultural and Global Competencies Introduction In this chapter I examine key theoretical concepts related to culture and the development of intercultural and global competencies, paying particular attention to L2 speakers.

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