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By Manfred Zierhut, Carlos Pavesio, Shigeaki Ohno, Fernando Orefice, Narsing A. Rao

This well-structured and lavishly illustrated e-book is a entire reference on intraocular irritation that encompasses all anatomic varieties, settings and etiologies. person sections are dedicated to uveitis linked to systemic issues, uveitis syndromes limited to the attention, bacterial uveitis, viral uveitis, fungal uveitis, parasitic uveitis, uveitis as a result of different microbes, aggravating uveitis, and masquerade syndromes. Chapters at the diversified varieties of uveitis are in a homogeneous reader-friendly structure, with id of center messages, rationalization of etiology and pathogenesis, up to date details on diagnostics and differential prognosis and counsel at the splendid types of remedy and diagnosis. worthwhile move charts are incorporated to aid in id of strength underlying issues and the reader also will have on-line entry to 1 hundred informative case experiences demonstrating different classes of intraocular irritation. The authors are international specialists willing to proportion their immense adventure with the reader. The Textbook of Intraocular Inflammation can be a worthy source for all physicians who care for sufferers with inflammatory eye disease.

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17): • The RPE, composed of a monolayer of cuboidal or columnar pigmented cells overlying the lamina vitrea of Bruch’s membrane and whose apical microvilli are in close contact (but without specialized membrane junctions) with the outer segments of the photoreceptors, the innermost part of the neurosensory retina. • The photoreceptor layer, made up of the outer and the inner segments of the photoreceptors (cones and rods). The outer segment contains the photoreceptor discs, where phototransduction takes place, and is connected to the inner segment by means of nonmotile cilium.

18 Histologic aspects of the outer retina. (a) Light micrograph of a plastic section of the photoreceptors and retinal pigment epithelium (toluidine blue stain, high magnification). (b) Electron micrograph of the interface between the outer segment of photoreceptors (Osp) and retinal pigment epithelium (Rpe). El ellipsoid of photoreceptors, Enc endothelium cell of the choriocapillaris layer, Ch choroid. (c) Electron micrograph of the meridional view of photoreceptors showing numerous discs in the outer segment to diverse wavelengths: the blue (or S cone, standing for short wavelength), the green (or M cone, standing for medium wavelength), and the red cone (or L cone, standing for long wavelength).

There are one to five posterior ciliary arteries (PCAs) arising from the ophthalmic artery (two in 48 % and three in 39 % of the population) [42]. They run forward along the optic nerve, and each divides into multiple branches before reaching the eyeball. The branches of a PCA pierce the sclera lateral, medial, or, infrequently, superior to the optic nerve. They have been named lateral, medial, and superior PCAs, respectively. Lateral PCAs are present in 97 % of the eyes, medial PCAs are present in 100 % of the eyes, and superior PCAs are small and present in only 9 % of the eyes.

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