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Exceedingly transparent exposition of an immense mathematical self-discipline and its functions to sociology, economics, and psychology. Logical, easy-to-follow insurance of calculus of finite ameliorations, distinction equations, linear distinction equations with consistent coefficients, producing features, matrix tools, and extra. Ideal for undergraduate path or self-study. Many labored examples; over 250 difficulties. 1958 variation.

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The acceleration is thus 21 g. 5j + 5 × 10 i. 8 N, and makes an angle of 15 with the slope, so 45◦ with the horizontal. 5 Vector products We cannot easily generalise the product of two scalars to that of two vectors. We define new concepts of products as what has proven to be most useful in practice There are two types of product: a) The scalar product, that takes two vectors and produces a scalar. b) The vector product, that takes two vectors and produces a vector. We shall take each of these in turn.

Solution: −−→ −→ −−→ −−→ −→ −−→ −−→ We realise that OB = OA + AB, or, OB − OA = AB. We thus find that AB = (i − 4j + 2k) − (2i − 2j − k) = (1 − 2)i + (−4 + 2)j + (2 + 1)k = −i + 2j + 3k. Then the unit vector in the direction of r is ˆr = r/r = x/ri + y/rj + z/rk, 2 2 2 Clearly |ˆr| = x +yr2 +z = 1. 2: If r = 8i + 4j − k find r, ˆr and the direction cosines (dc’s) of r. Solution: r = |r| = 82 + 42 + (−1)2 = √ 81 = 9 ˆr = r/r = 8/9i + 4/9j − 1/9k , . , l = 8/9, m = 4/9, n = −1/9. 5 Scaling of Vector If a = a1 i + a2 j + a3 k , and b = b1 i + b2 j + b3 k, and λ and µ are scalars, then λa + µb = (λa1 + µb1 )i + (λa2 + µb2 )j + (λa3 + µb3 )k .

We shall use the first notation. Other terms used are “cross product” or “outer product”. The vector product of two vectors a and b is defined as a vector, see Fig. 15: The definition of the outer product. The magnitude of the outer product is exactly equal to the area of the parallelogram with sides a and b, A = ab sin θ. calculation of the outer product in component form (to be discussed below) is thus an easy way to obtain this area. Let n be a unit vector in the direction of a × b, then a × b = ab sin θn.

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