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By Anthony H. Cordesman

This quantity presents research of the kingdom of Iraq’s defense and of present Western coverage towards the rustic within the wake of the Gulf struggle. It additionally examines the political, fiscal, and safety effect of sanctions, Iraq’s destiny function as an oil exporter, the U.S. coverage of “dual containment” when it comes to Iraq, and recommendations for facing Iraq sooner or later.

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Have been established without a major coup or civil war, In the past, Saddam has been abte to count upon the loyalv of these Takritis for a nurnber of rcasons: 'The kinship ties between them, the material benefits and power he has given them, and their role in mating a strong and powerful Iraq-one where they bemfit from corruptim and a p h c n o m a l growth in wealth. 'The Takritis h e learned to fear Saddam" personal mthlIessness, and Saddarn" actions have shown even his closest associates that they can lose power m die as easily as Hussein Kamel.

Kamel's uncle, the once-powerful Hasan Alj, ai-Majid & c l a d : "this small family (the al-Majids) within Iraq denounces his cowardly act and strcmgly rejects the treason, which he has committed and MIhich can only be cleansed by inllicting pmishment on hjm h accordance with the law of God.. . ~,3@ In ehet, MIrtsan al-Majid amounced that the Majjds would not, in accordance with tribaI custom, revenge themsehes on anybody who kiled Kamel. Iraqi officials also proceeded to accuse Karnel of being a corrupt individual who had absconded with millions of doifam of stale money, as well as of being a spy for the Central Intelligence AgencyB31 Further, given :Kamel"s position in fie ~ g i m ethe defectim caused trememdous "political panic" in Baghdad, in the words of- R d f Ekeus, the head of the Unjted Nations Special Commission overseeixzg the destmction of Iraq's weapom of mass destnlction.

Uday b e c m e even richer after sanctions were imposed through his control of hotels, night-clubs, transportation centers, and the food smuggling business. He is the most prominent member of a parasitic class of Iraqis who have become fabulousfy wealthy because of their ability to make money through sanctions-breaking, Saddarn also increasingly involved Uday in intelligence and security mattcrs. In late 1994, Uday was given command of a new praetorian security detail, called Saddarn's Feda'iyeen (Saddads C a m a n d o s ) made up largely of teen-age toughs.

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