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61 This picture shows the type of bicycles used by the Japanese, and gives some idea of the equipment carried by cyclists. Hats worn by the soldiers appear to be cloth or papier-mach6. Note the gun mounted on the bicycle handle bars, third from left front. Japanese cyclists were used in penetrating Indo-China and Thailand. They were used to move through quiet areas to the active front in Malaya. These soldier cyclists moved quietly. No one ate or smoked on the move. They did not question natives.

The hopper holds 6 clips of 3 rounds each. Note. 1. Light machine gun on bipod mount; 2. Flag carried by soldier for identification. This machine gun (juichinen shiki kei kikanju) is gas-operated, air-cooled, and hopperfed. The bipod support is permanently fixed to the piece near the muzzle. The hopper has a capacity of 20 rounds. It weighs about 23 pounds and has a maximum range of 4,374 yards. Although it is usually fired from the prone position, supported by the bipod mount as shown, nevertheless a tripod mount, Model 1922, is carried by the gun squad and used as desired.

This heavy machine gun (sannen shiki kikanju), Model 3 (1914), on tripod mount weighs about 120 pounds. It is a modified Hotchkiss, gas-operated, air-cooled, and a strip-fed gun. 5-mm). on the rear cloth white The yards. 4,374 is gun of the range tripod may be for the comfort of the gunner. r _;hq/ In Malaya the British captured this new type of Japanese light machine gun. It is basically patterned after the French Hotchkiss light machine gun with several features copied from the British Bren gun.

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