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Please do not forget that this booklet was once produced virtually 70 years in the past (1945). The textual content is particularly readable...however a few of the photographs didn't continue to exist that well....they have been reproduced the following regardless...with the unique determine captions. this can be a reprint of the unique. This rfile on jap tank and antitank struggle info the next issues: eastern armored battling cars (tankettes, light/medium/amphibious/flame-throwing tanks, self-propelled weapons, armored vehicles, tank radio, tank guns); armored strategies (tactical rules, infantry aid, coordination, detailed tank operations, defense); antitank artillery (infantry guns, box artillery, antiaircraft and coast safeguard artillery); antitank mines, rifle grenades, and flame throwers; and antitank equipment (employment, tank hunters, antitank stumbling blocks, minefields). discover This factor of certain sequence supersedes exact sequence No. 26,Japanese Tanks and Tank strategies. It additionally replaces the tentative variation of jap Tank and Antitank struggle released 25 June1945. it really is according to kind of proven info from authoritative resources as much as 15 July 1945.Reproduction in the army carrier is inspired only if the resource is acknowledged, the class is maintained, and one replica of the book during which the cloth is reproduced is forwarded to the army Intelligence carrier struggle division, Washington 25, D. C.

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Lie rides in the turret with the turret gunner and gives instructions via a radio set wvhichI is installeod in this vehicle in most cases. The engil(er' ri(des in the bhull. The driver sits on the right front in the hull, alnd the bow, or hull, nlachillne gunner sits to his left. The 37-mm gun which is the primary arntainenlt of the velicle Illay I '' degrees fromn tle horizoitall. be elevated 5}$ degrees anll( depressed 11 It has a very linited, if any, free traverse whlle the turret is stationary.

Note pistol ports and vision slits mlarkd withb chalk. -View of a knocked-out Type 95 (1935) light tank showing the two hatches in the glacis plote and the driver's hotch. --View of right side of Type 95 (1935) light tank showing engine hatch open. Note also details of suspension. - Type 95 (1935) light tank suspension in action. -Track detail of Type 95 (1935) light tank stowt'ng track-adjusting nut and assembly. -I'iew through open glacis plate hatches of Type 95 (1935) light tank showing clutch-brake steering system.

56 gallons. Fuel capacityPerformance: Speed _ _ 31 miles per hour. ,oing 2/3. Gradientt -l O()bstacles: T'rench . -. 6 feet, 7 inches wide. Ford -------------- 31%. inches deep. 33 "Keni" Light Tank It must be noted that the dimensions of this tank are very much like those of the Type 98 light tank, and it may be that this tank is a subsequent version of the Type 98. However, this tank is reported to be armed with a 47-mm tank gun and must be considered as a modern Japanese light tank. The armor is slightly heavier than that of the Type 98.

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