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By Seamus Bellamy, Steven Holzner

Joomla! is a unfastened, open resource personal home page & MySQL-based content material administration process so as to create interactive, community-based sites with no need to jot down or application code in Hypertext Preprocessor or ASP.NET. This enjoyable and pleasant creation to Joomla! exhibits you the way to create a wealthy, interactive website that doesn't require any code. irrespective of your ability point, this easy-to-understand source demonstrates easy methods to drop preconfigured modules that already comprise Hypertext Preprocessor and MySQL code without delay into your Joomla! website. because of the Dummies enjoyable and pleasant process, you will speedy see how effortless to create a wealthy, interactive website with Joomla!

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It’s also a very good way to go if you want to make sure that the changes you’re making on your site turn out the way you plan before you upload them for the public to see. Also, when you install Joomla on your local computer, site development moves along a lot faster when you don’t have to wait for new files to upload to a remote server. You have two ways to install Joomla on to your local machine: the hard way and the easy way. In the following sections, I look at both methods — with special emphasis on the easy one, of course.

This negates the need for a FTP application, and will save you a ton of time and hassle during the installation process. It’s worth checking with your host’s tech support to see if this service is available to you. Setting up MySQL When you install Joomla, it expects MySQL to be ready for it to use, so in this section, you get MySQL ready for Joomla. info Chapter 2: Getting and Installing Joomla ISPs usually have one MySQL installation that everybody shares, so you may need to set up a unique username and password to avoid interfering with anyone else’s work on the host server.

First, we give you an overview of Joomla as it’s used today around the world. Then we show you how to get and install Joomla. Finally, we dig into Joomla by helping you master the home page of any Joomla site — that’s the front page, in Joomla lingo. You see how to add your own text to the front page, change the front page’s logo, sling the menu items around, and more. ” “That’s good,” you say. ” “That’s good,” you say. ” “That’s bad,” you say. ” the head Web designer asks. You shift uncomfortably.

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