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When in 1921 the British created the 'Amirate of Transjordan' for Abdallah to rule, the barren and desolate quarter he used to be given made him focus virtually from the beginning on Palestine for an expansionist force that was once to underpin the legitimacy of the dominion he craved and lend lustre to the crown he coveted. reading Abdallah's recommendations vis-a-vis the opposite gamers concerned - the British, the Jews, the Arab States and the Palestinian Arabs - the writer painstakingly indicates how Abdallah progressively went approximately gratifying that lifelong ambition.

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The central position within its leadership of the Nashashibi family had become much more conspicuous. On the other hand, with the PAE practically paralysed, Husayni dominance over the alternative Arab leadership that was emerging remained decisive. Musa Kazim al-Husayni, the ageing head of the family, remained the titular president of the PAE until his death in March 1934, while al-Hajj Amin al-Husayni, as Mufti of lerusalem and president of the Supreme Muslim Council, gained in prominence during those years not only in his religious capacity but as a key figure in the 'secular' national movement as weIl.

6 His efforts, however, were to no avail. Weil aware that the influx of Jewish immigrants formed the most crucial issue for the Arabs of Palestine, Abdallah went as far as asking the Jewish Agency to agree voluntarily to a temporary suspension of immigration.? Obviously he was turned down. A Fall-back Alternative 33 The Mufti meanwhile was not too happy with the role Abdallah' s mediation was assuming. For hirn the Amir remained an adversary primarily motivated by his own ambitions and representing British interests.

The Arab state was to be united with Transjordan. The main argument in favour of unification was that by adding territory to the proposed Arab state and enlarging its population, partition would be more acceptable to the Palestinian A Fall-back Alternative 35 Arabs. The inclusion ofTransjordan in the Arab state was also meant to correct a historical injustice, that is, her disengagement from Palestine in 1921-2. Rumours assuming that partition would be the Commission' s recommendation were al ready rife several months before the official release of the report in early luly 1937.

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