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By I. A. Parinov

The major beneficial properties of high-temperature superconductors (HTSC) that outline their homes are intrinsic brittleness of oxide cuprates, the layered anisotropic constitution and the supershort coherence size. taking into consideration those good points, this treatise offers study into HTSC microstructure and homes, and likewise explores the probabilities of optimization of the training ideas and superconducting compositions. The "composition-technique-experiment-theory-model," hired the following, assumes huge HTSC defectiveness and constitution heterogeneity and is helping to attract a accomplished photo of recent representations of the microstructure, power and the similar structure-sensitive homes of the fabrics thought of. targeted cognizance is dedicated to the Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O and Y-Ba-Cu-O households, which at the moment supply the main promising functions. together with a number of illustrations and references, this monograph addresses scholars, post-graduate scholars and experts, enjoying the advance, instruction and study of recent fabrics. the recent version were up to date intensively, specially experimental investigations and modeling conductive and elastic homes of HTC superconductors were added.

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In particular, for the passenger train on magnetic suspension, caused by superconductivity, a speed of over 1000 km/h [1450] has been demonstrated! Today, an analogous train has been developed, called the Japanese Linear Chuo Shinkansen Project (MLX) with nominal speed of 500 km/h. , France train TGV and German Transrapid System with speed of 420 km/h). The Inductrack MagLev System is developed in the USA. The Swissmetro Project (speed of 320 km/h) should be noted. The German Transrapid System is based on ‘‘classical’’ electromechanical technologies, requiring small air gap (\12 mm) between the vehicle and the truck.

On the other hand, superconductor itself becomes the origin of magnetic field in the ferromagnetic state (state with ‘‘freezed’’ magnetic flux). 3 Transportation The next main directions of superconductivity applications in the aviation and astronautics have been formed, namely: (1) Systems of electromechanical start. In the construction of the newest single-pass motor of air- spacecraft, the necessary air inflow is attained at super-sound velocities of apparatus; it only demands initial acceleration of the craft.

Small ship with superconducting magnet can imitate the magnetic image of moving ship, thus collecting the mines. Under large magnetic field (for this, the superconducting magnet is used) the mines can be blown up sufficiently far from the magnet. Today, HTSC magnet, which may be placed in helicopter and models fields, imitating moving ship, has been developed. With the aim to find and counteract small, low-flying rockets, the Navy develops powerful high-frequency radio-locator on the base of superconducting magnet.

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