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By Will Durant

The tale of Civilization, quantity I: A background of civilization in Egypt and the close to East to the dying of Alexander, and in India, China, and Japan from the start; with an creation at the nature and foundations of civilization.

This is the first volume of the vintage Pulitzer Prize-winning series.

This quantity offers first with the institution of civilization, then takes up, in wealthy attention-grabbing aspect, the colour complicated dramas of the close to East, India and her acquaintances, and the a long way East. the tale is carried as much as mid-1930s.

Every one of many hundreds of thousands of proof during this quantity were two times checked. It starts with a bankruptcy at the nature and stipulations of civilization: deals a 109-page creation on 'The institution of Civilization' try and meet Voltaire's call for: 'I need to know what have been the stairs wherein males handed from barbarism to civilization.' It is going directly to list the cultural history...the financial and political association, the technological know-how and artwork, the faith and morals, the literature and philosophy, the customs and manners...of Sumeria, Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria, Judea, and Persia to their conquest by way of Alexander; and narrates the heritage of civilization in India from the Vedas to Mahatma Gandhi, in China from Confucius to Chiang Kai-shek, and in Japan from the earliest occasions to mid-1930s.

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