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The flow in the direction in which the plasmodium advances is called 'progressive streaming' and that in the opposite ,direction 'regressive streaming' (VOUK 1910). Hence the former carries obvious,l y a greater quantity of protoplasm than the latter. ' One of the volumeters devised by him for this purpose is shown in Fig. 19. The construction Oof 3* 36 VIII, 3 a: N. KAMIYA, Protoplasmic Streaming the chamber is such that the central partition separates the chamber into two air-tight compartments while the protoplasmic flow takes place freely between the two blobs along the connecting strand which penetrates the central partition.

Bottom: curve showing the intensity of protoplasmic flow. V 1" V,: volumes of protoplasm carried by a progressive and a regressive streamings having streaming durations of Tp and T r • respectively. v: net difference between V p and V r . ) Fig. 21 (bottom) to the moment at whim the curve crosses the time axis, and the transport-volume of the protoplasm within a certain definite period of time is represented by the area that is included between the curve and the time axis. /sec. in Fig. 21. Thus through a procedure of differentiation by graphical method, a curve 38 VIII, 3 a: N.

The centrifugal acceleration which is just strong enough to stagnate the centripetal flo,w of endoplasm depends upon the thickness of the endoplasmic layer. It is noticed, especially clearly in the rhizoid cell, that the endoplasmic layer often glides down under the effect of centrifugal acceleration over the cortical gel layer as a whole without causing appreciable shear inside (cf. p. 106). But, no matter whether shear is caused or not inside the endoplasm, what is needed now is the centrifugal acceleration which just stops the centripetal endoplasmic vm, 40 3 a: N.

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