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By Todd J. Pfannestiel

Utilizing long island as a lens, this publication examines the purple Scare that griped the US among 1919-1923 and the trend it proven for destiny episodes of political repression. It additionally offers the 1st in-depth examine of the Soviet Bureau, the unofficial Bolshevik embassy that tried to set up advertisement ties with American businessmen, in addition to the improvement of the Rand tuition as one of many nation's first working-class orientated colleges.

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Although only body fragments remained from the man who attempted to plant dynamite outside the Attorney General’s house, detectives concluded from his “dark skin color” and hat that he was an Italian immigrant from Philadelphia. When further inspection revealed two left legs among the rubble, police announced that there must have been two bombers, operating in conspiracy with one another, an explanation that led some newspapers to joke that two left legs certainly explained why the bomber stumbled on the front steps.

Rockefeller. S. Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, who had recently reorganized the Department of Justice to include a new General Intelligence Division to investigate seditious and anarchistic activities throughout the country and to compile an index 28 RETHINKING THE RED SCARE file of leading radical agitators. Edgar Hoover. S. Overman, all strong opponents of organized labor. S. , and Judge Kenesaw Landis, who presided over the trial and sentencing of Socialist Congressman Victor Berger and William “Big Bill” Haywood, the founder of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Public displays of a red flag resulted in a twenty-five dollar fine or ten days in jail. Hall owners refused to rent their facilities for use by radical organizations. Mayor Hylan and Police Chief Enright wholeheartedly endorsed both measures, primarily in response to growing public criticism that they were too soft on what many perceived was a growing un-American presence in the city. Despite opposition from labor and socialist groups, Hylan refused to back down. 41 By the end of the spring, all of the pieces necessary for a Red Scare were firmly in place.

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