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1). 4. 16) . Tz The factor J1. 11) is then also a tensor which is the product of the elementary charge, m- 1 , and rm. 1. 1. 17) For simplicity's sake, we consider m- 1 and rm as scalar. 11) the numerator consists of three terms: the first one does not contain the magnetic induction; the second term is linear in B and takes care of the Hall effect and the third terms, as well as the denominator, are quadratic in B and therefore yield the magnetoresistance. 1. 2 B(F ·B) (4 2 18 ) de en k£ Tm · · · 1 +(B.

2 Fermi level is independent of the temperature and is located in the middle of the gap. For mn « mp, the Fermi level approaches the conduction band edge with increasing temperature. 6-L, respectively, are considered, the carrier concentration where and N cL = 2 (mL2 k1t2T) 3/2 7r B . 18) are the effective densities of states. 7meV. 20) For the entropy density, a rather lengthy expression is obtained [Ref. 1, Chap. 5). 40 3. Semiconductor Statistics Fig. 6]) Fermi energy =U - From F T S we now find for the free energy Fn = n(- 2Unf3.

An electron moving in a crystal is represented by an electron wave packet continuously scattered at the crystal lattice. 1) (l,m,n=0,1,2,3, . ) characterizes an atom of the crystal lattice which has a primitive unit cell defined by the primitive base vectors a, b and c (in two dimensions: Fig. 9). The vector G = k' - k represents the change of wave vector due to the scattering process. The Laue equation requires (p· G) = 2 1r or an integral multiple thereof. 2) where (a· A) = (b · B) = (c · C) = 2 1r and other products such as (a·B) = 0, (b·C)= 0 etc.

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