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В брошюре описаны американские пилотируемые полёты в космос.

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Space Flight. The First 30 Years

В брошюре описаны американские пилотируемые полёты в космос.

I Saw Fire: Reflections on Riots, Revolt, and the Black Bloc

In a interval of worldwide unrest that topples governments and calls into query the capitalist procedure, nobody has been extra demonized by way of either the kingdom and the reliable Left than the anarchists and their use of the 'black bloc. ' but, from the streets of Egypt to the plazas of Brazil, the method is turning out to be in reputation.

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6 Far from being a conventional narrative of any genre, the book uses the voice of a hallucinating first-person narrator who is both anti-Semitic and Jewish and navigates wildly in time and place, France and Israel being two important points of reference. La Ronde de nuit (Night Rounds) (1969) and Les Boulevards de ceinture (Ring Roads) (1972), his next two novels, continue to evoke, openly, if in a slightly more restrained manner, the world of the occupation. Often described as centred on the problematic figure of his father, a Jew who survived in the Paris of the occupation by associating with black-marketeers and collaborators, these books form the first phase of the novelist’s production.

As a consequence all high genres of the classical era, that is, its entire high literature, are structured in the zone of the distanced image, a zone outside any possible contact with the present in all its openendedness. (1981, p. 19; emphasis added) We will return to this description in a moment. But first let us briefly consider what might be taken as the very opposite of the epic worldview: the ‘natural-idyllic’ chronotope of the pastoral novel, in which everything is interpreted through the lens of a particular space and time.

Words, utterances, genres – even the genre of genres, the novel itself – preserve their histories, and they do so in the same way that their histories are established in the first place: in their uptake and reproduction from one speaker or writer to the next: A genre is always the same and yet not the same, always old and new simultaneously. Genre is reborn and renewed at every new stage in the development of literature and in every individual work of a given genre. This constitutes the life of the genre.

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